Battle Buddy Fitness App

Our fitness app is like no other. You will be dropped into a team with like-minded people who share your passion for the way you workout. Work together to beat other squads, crush PRs and earn rewards! 

 You will be able to log in with the same information as this website! It will link to the app so you can earn discounts and even free apparel through the app! 

 After logging in you will be asked some questions about how you prefer to work out. This will put you into one of our squads with people who work out similarly to you. 

The Ground Pounders are your heavy lifters. They usually have a bigger build and work on muscle mass and strength. 

The FlyBoys are your strength endurance and resistance trainers. The usually have a more chiseled physique and work to improve their muscular endurance by increasing reps and working on their core. 

The Water Warriors are your cardio people. They like to run long distances or swim and work on getting their heart rate up. They are fast and can push through the hardest challenges. 

Once you are placed into a squad you can customize your avatar. You will be given a starter set of gear, or founders gear if you participated in our kickstarter. 

As you complete work outs and challenges you will be rewarded with in-game gear to upgrade your avatar. It will increase your avatars stats for when you challenge other squads. 

As you earn experience and levels you will also earn rank! Lead your team and be rewarded! 

You will be able to form a team with friends and customize your base with rewards won through challenges. You will be able to challenge other teams to team challenges and take some of their base resources!