Athletic Works 18"x 5.5" Massage Roller

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The Athletic Works Deep Tissue Massage Roller features a hollow core design with patented three-dimensional textures on the outside to help loosen sore and tight muscles. The rigid inner core combined with the high-density outer shell can help increase circulation while the wide and narrow textures provide a deep massage and help eliminate muscle knots. The roller is ideal for use before and after any work-out and can be used anytime to help soothe tired muscles.
18” long x 5.5” diameter; Patented designFirm roller helps loosen muscle knots and sore muscles to help increase flexibilityRigid hollow core center with high-density EVA foam outer materialSuitable for the entire bodyWarning: Risks are associated with any exercise program. Please consult with your health care professional before performing this or any physical activity.