Core Slider Set by 310 Nutrition - Abdominal Trainers For Ab, Hip, Back and Leg Workouts

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Give your core an intense workout with these 310 Ab Slider Abdominal Trainers – which glide effortlessly on the surface of your choice, allowing you to do numerous strengthening and slimming moves. While the discs work effectively to tone and tighten your core, they also efficiently shape your entire body. By placing the workout sliders under your hands or feet and “gliding”, you can engage in mountain climbers, planks, knee tucks and more! Because the ab gliders are two-sided, you can also use them on various surfaces; The black side works best on hard surfaces like tile and hardwood floors, while the orange side works on carpet. Also, because they’re so lightweight and compact, they make a great piece of workout equipment for on-the-go. Use them in your home gym, or put them in your fitness bag, office drawer or purse – they’re great for quick workouts wherever you desire! The sliders are also beneficial for users with any type of joint pain, as they offer low-impact alternatives to typically high-impact exercises like lunges, knee tucks, squats and pushups – reducing the chance of injury and helping you heal. In addition, these strength slides can also help you improve your balance and stability, simply by helping you achieve rock-hard abs! Tighten your abdominals and get a serious full-body workout with these ab sliders! They make a great addition to your home gym, and are also easy to transport to the workout location of your choice. Get yours now!
TONING AB SLIDERS – Want to tone and tighten your core? These powerful, effective disc gliders allow you to slim and strengthen your midsection in a way that’s much more fun and interesting than doing countless crunches!FULL-BODY WORKOUT DISCS – These Abdominal Trainers can also help you shape your entire body; By placing both sliders under your hands or feet, you can do numerous exercises including mountain climbers, planks, knee tucks, and more.TWO-SIDED FOR DIFFERENT SURFACES – Each glider disc is also designed to work on any surface; The black, foam side of each slider works best on tile or hardwood floors, while the orange, plastic side works best on carpet.LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT – While these gliders work great in a home gym, they’re also ideal for out-of-home workouts and travel, since they’re lightweight and small-in-size. They’ll easily fit in your gym bag, car, purse, office desk, or suitcase!GREAT LOW-IMPACT EQUIPMENT – Each ab glider is also ideal for users with any type of joint pain, as they allow you to complete low-impact versions of typically high-impact exercises like squats, pushups and lunges.